To inspire youth in Greater Hartford, celebrate diversity, and foster safety. To provide resources for youth mentorship and scholarship


In remembrance of Julio Lozada’s legacy, all Greater Hartford children and young adults will feel supported by the community to thrive in education and in their personal lives.


Our Story

The Julio Lozada Foundation was created in 2012. The Foundation is devoted to raising public awareness about Julio Lozada’s tragic death in 1979, and the significant contributions made to address cultural and racial disparities within the ranks of public safety personnel in the City of Hartford. Supported by our funding partners, mainly The Hartford Society of Latin American Firefighters, and through fundraising events, the Foundation seeks to improve quality of life and youth education opportunities in the Greater Hartford region. Our board of directors features a diverse group of Greater Hartford residents and professionals. If you would like to collaborate with the Foundation or learn more about our work, please contact us.